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To Pyotr A. Poroshenko

President Elect of Ukraine

Dear Pyotr Alexeyevich:

Having learned of the choice made by the majority of Ukrainian citizens who cast their vote on May 25, I would like to congratulate you, address a pastor’s word to you, and share my thoughts and hopes with you.

The news of the events in Ukraine cause new pain every day as people die and suffer. The country is plunged into the abyss of discord and internecine war. The Lord has entrusted the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia with care for spiritual wellbeing of people in many countries. The misfortunes and hopes of all people who make up the flock of the Russian Orthodox Church irrespective of the place of residence are equally close to me, and I zealously pray for the hopes of the Orthodox people of Ukraine to come true.

I hope as well as many people do that the powers of government now in your hands would serve to the good of the east and west, north and south of Ukraine. I do hope that the bloodshed will stop for ever, nobody will be oppressed or humiliated, that the choice of life, world outlook and culture of any group of population in the country will be realized and the church will lead her life without any governmental or political interference, while the decisions necessary for normalization, improvement and development of this life will be taken freely and without any constraint, in the spirit of faithfulness to canonical order.

The task that faces you is difficult and very important. The challenge for you is to find ways and means for reconciliation of the hostile parties and to do anything possible for the restoration of civil peace and accord. I am confident that in the present situation it is necessary to conduct an open dialogue with people and public leaders and heed the opinion of all residents of the country.

Six months ago a flame of hatred flared up in Kiev and is now raging in the south-east of the country, sparing neither women, nor children, or old people. Today Ukraine most of all needs peace and stability, truth and justice. Only a man, who knows his people well, loves and understands them, resolutely acts in defence of moral values which he cherishes, sees a mainstay of people’s personal and public life in a close-knit family and draws wisdom from the genuine spiritual sources can become a guarantor of creating a worthy life.

I wish you God’s guidance in all your upcoming work and responsible decisions. May the Lord bless the people of Ukraine dear to my heart with peace and prosperity.