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The Synodal Department for church charity and social ministry has transferred $5,000 to support the victims of typhoon in the Philippines. The main part will be distributed on the most affected island of Luzon where over 1,7 million people have suffered from the Ulysses typhoon. The Orthodox community in the Philippines has asked for help.

‘The typhoon has wiped out crops, and prices for food have shot up. People are homeless, without electricity and food as there is no harvest. We will buy food packages on the donations and will try to repair houses,’ hieromonk Kornily (Molev), a cleric of the Church of St. Matrona of Moscow in Davao said.

The typhoon has devastated the primary food sources in the country, including fishing. Most people are accommodated at the emergency shelters. The damage is estimated at 1,194 billion sterling for agriculture, and 4,2 billion peso for infrastructure, reports citing the Synodal Department for charity website.

Since June 2020 the Synodal department for charity has sent 11,000 food gift baskets to many countries in Europe, America and to Kyrgyzstan and East Timor in Asia. Each basket weights over ten kilos and consists of the necessary food items such as canned goods, butter, sugar, salt, cereals, biscuits and condensed milk.

The Church runs over 4,500 church social projects, 300 charity sisterhoods, 75 hostels for pregnant women, and 211 centers of humanitarian assistance.