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In his talk with a journalist from Polityka newsmagazine His Beatitude Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland underscored that in the light of canon law “metropolitan Epifany” Dumenko (head of the newly created structure called “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”) is not a clergymen as he was not ordained by a canonical Church.

“Great harm was done to this young layman by appointing him a metropolitan.” Answering a question in the beginning of the interview Metropolitan Sawa said that he had not send greetings to him.

The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Poland believes that the pride of Filaret Denisenko used by the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk lies at the root of the tragic situation in the church life in Ukraine. “The Ukrainian authorities should first unite the country and end war, and only then take up church matters,” His Beatitude said. He is convinced that “the faithful should decide which church they want to belong to” and continued to say that according to church canons, only the Church from which the schismatics have fallen away, but not the Patriarchate of Constantinople, has the right to restore them to her bosom provided that they repent and offer penance.

Metropolitan Sawa added that he had advised Patriarch Bartholomew not to do the intended actions and added that “the Patriarch of Antioch suggested convening a Pan-Orthodox Council as soon as possible to discuss the situation in Ukraine and find a canonical solution to the problem.”

His Beatitude said that the Orthodox Church of Poland takes its position on the basis of Orthodox dogma and canons and noted that “Patriarch Kirill is also ready for dialogue. His latest letter to Patriarch Bartholomew proves it. First of all, Moscow, Constantinople and Kiev should discuss the matter. If they find a solution, we will accept it.”

The Primate of the Orthodox Church of Poland said that violation of canon law is “a bad precedent.” Tomos can provoke chaos. “We cannot rule that in Poland, where over a million of Ukrainians live, a group of believers will appear for whom Filaret will try to organize his parishes in Poland. I recently heard that the Right Sector (prohibited in the RF) had already looked into a possible visit of Epifany to Poland. Chaos awaits us.”