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Metropolitan Chrysostom of Dabrobosan, head of the Metropolia of the Serbian Orthodox Church, centered in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in his Christmas address to the clergy and flock stated with regret that “celebration of the Nativity of Christ this year will go down in history of the split and fragmented Church.’ According to the archpastor, the unity of the Holy Orthodox Church ‘was attacked from within itself.’

The hierarch severely criticized the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Ukraine, saying: “The Patriarch of Constantinople and his Synod, as if performing on a theatrical stage, played with the Mystery of the Church and its unity. They attacked not only the Church of the martyrs in Ukraine, but hit the entire Church of Christ, its holiness, catholicity, apostleship and – first of all – its unity. They betrayed Jesus Christ, who unites all and everything with him in himself. They tore apart the chiton of the unity of the Orthodox Church in order to make a schismatic-sectarian mockup which they called the “church” from the shreds of the schism generated by its enemies.

At this difficult time, Metropolitan Chrysostom called the entire Orthodox flock to remember martyrs and sufferers for Holy Orthodoxy in Ukraine and pray that God would grant them strength to unite with patience around God-Infant Christ, around His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine and all metropolitans and bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.