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July 25, 2017 – A delegation of representatives of the Orthodox Churches of Jerusalem and Cyprus visited the Orthodox community of the Kinakhovtsy village, Zbarazh district (diocese of Ternopol), the Ukrainian Orthodox Church information and education department reports with reference to the site of the Ternopol diocese.

With prayer and words the guests supported the faithful who have been deprived of their Ss Peter and Paul church by schismatics from the ‘Kiev Patriarchate’.

A prayer service was held in a prayer room that now serves as a place for the community assemblies. The guests conveyed warm words of support for the Orthodox Christians in the Kinakhovtsy village from the Orthodox Churches of Jerusalem and Cyprus and presented them with keepsakes.

‘You are blessed people because you have to endure persecution for the sake of Christ and Orthodoxy. Therefore, do not lose heart but, on the contrary, rejoice in the Lord. And we also wish to support you so that you could stand in truth and justice and draw strength from the power of the Cross of Jesus. Christ is Risen!’ the representative of the Church of Cyprus said.

The faithful, in their turn, sincerely thanked the clergymen for their attention and support.


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