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On 2 June 2015, the Rev. Michael Wang Quansheng, the oldest priest of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church died at the age of 90 in Shanghai. Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, sent his condolences to the widow, Ms Tatiana Xu Shuqin, and to the Orthodox community in Shanghai:

Dear Matushka Tatiana:

It was with sorrow that I have learnt of the demise of your husband, Rev. Michael Wang. I mourn over this loss so hard for the members of your family, his flock in Shanghai and all believers of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church. He was a preceptor in religious life and the oldest priest in the land of China.

I have warm recollections of the Divine Liturgy celebrated with Father Michael in St. Nicholas’ church in Shanghai in June 2012. Prayers have been offered for Father Michael in the church dedicated to St. Innocent of Irkutsk in Labudalin, which he consecrated in September of 2009. and in the Church of the Intercession in Harbin in which he celebrated Paschal Liturgy in 2010 after a long interval. Father Michael, though ill and advanced in age, had worked honestly and humbly for the revival of Orthodoxy in China.

Kindly accept my sincere condolences. May the Master of life, our Lord Jesus Christ, hear zealous prayers being offered now for the blessed repose of the newly departed Father Michael and rest his soul in the mansions of the righteous and grant him eternal memory.

Invoking God’s blessing upon you,


Metropolitan of Volokolamsk


Department for External Church Relations

Moscow Patriarchate