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On June 2, 2014, an interreligious meeting with the participation of diplomats and scholars took place at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomeini.

In his speech, the Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Sanaei underlined the importance of the development of interreligious dialogue and cooperation between the two countries.

Among the guests were Rev. Dimitry Safonov, head of the DECR section for interreligious contacts, and I. Kashitsin of the same section. During the talk with the late Ayatollah’s grandson Seyed Yasir Khomeini, the DECR representative told him about the experience of dialogue which the Russian Orthodox Church has had with the Islamic community in Iran and which has been conducted since 1997 in the Orthodox-Islam Commission. An exchange of opinions took place concerning prospects for further development of his dialogue.

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