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Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, sent a message of greetings to the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church on his Krsna Slava. The text of the letter is given below.

Your Holiness,

Please accept my cordial greetings with the Day of Krsna Slava.

On the day of Your Holiness’s celebration hearts of all Christians are filled with overwhelming spiritual joy. Assuring His disciples and apostles of His Divine omnipotence and unfathomable mercy, the Lord Jesus Christ, Maker and treasury of life (Canon of the Lazarus Saturday, Ode 1), shows to them on His way to Jerusalem a great miracle of the raising of Lazarus of the Four Days.

On this feast day I prayerfully wish to Your Holiness peace, good health and almighty help from Christ the Chief Shepherd in your Patriarchal ministry.

With respectful love in the Lord,


Metropolitan of Volokolamsk


Department for External Church Relations

Moscow Patriarchate