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On 31 January 2017, a meeting dedicated to the Venerable Confessor Gabriel (Urgebadze), newly glorified saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church, was held at St Tikhon’s Orthodox University of Humanities in Moscow.

Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov delivered an opening address. Among the speakers was also archpriest Feodor Krechetov, rector of the Church of the Holy Great Martyr George in Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street in Moscow. Those who attended the meeting were shown a documentary about the life and deeds of St Gabriel. A concert performed by the Choir of the Church of St George concluded the evening.

Among those who took part in the meeting was Archpriest Vladimir Alexandrov, a staff member of the DECR Secretariat for Inter-Orthodox Relations.


St Gabriel performed his ascetic deeds at various churches and monasteries in Georgia, voluntarily performing a feat of foolishness for Christ. For great many people, including the nuns from the Samtavro Convent in Georgia, he was a real spiritual father. The saint died on November 2, 1994; his holy relics were discovered in 2014. On December 24, 2012, the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church decided to canonize the Venerable Confessor Gabriel of Samtavro.

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Photos from the website of St Tikhon’s Orthodox University