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Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, congratulated the Primate of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on the commemoration day of his heavenly patron, Holy Martyr Neophytos. The text of the letter is given below.

Your Holiness:

Please accept my cordial greetings with the commemoration day of your heavenly patron, Holy Martyr Neophytos, who prayerfully accompanies Your Holiness on your decades-long journey of monastic feat and church ministry.

The wisdom and fortitude of this glorious saint pleasing unto God and the miracles revealed by him fill our heart with trust in God, bearing witness that His grace always abides “with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Tim 2:22). Tirelessly reminding your flock about it, you exhort them to live in God, keep His commandments and commit acts of goodness and mercy so that the word of God may grow mightily and prevail (cf. Acts 19:20).

On this day of spiritual celebration I wish you peace and joy, as well as blessed bodily strength and God’s help in your Patriarchal ministry.

With respectful love in the Lord,


Metropolitan of Volokolamsk


Department for External Church Relations

Moscow Patriarchate