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Patriarch Kirill presides over a regular session of the Supreme Church Council

On June 13, 2018, His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, presided over a session of the Supreme Church Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, at the Supreme Church Councils hall of the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour.

Opening the session, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church addressed himself to the participants in the meeting with remarks on the agenda and the forthcoming World Football Championship in Russia:

‘We are gathering together on the eve of a major event for our country – the World Football Championship. Many people will come from various countries of the world, and, as it happened in the situations when major international events are held in our country, many will visit Orthodox churches. For this reason, I would ask that we all should be ready to offer hospitality at the church platforms to those who will turn to us, who will ask questions and show interest in church life. In the first place, it is the duty of hospitality, but in addition it is our pastoral duty to answer questions from those to address them to us. I hope this major event will be a success and make a positive impact on the feelings of our people.

Certainly, to a great extent it will depend on the performance of our football team. It remains only to pray that everything may right and proper and, of course, to hope for the good precondition of our sportsmen’.

After the introductory remarks of Patriarch Kirill, Archpriest Maxim Kozlov, deputy head of the Education Committee, made a report on ‘Reforming the Theological Education System: Rising the Level of the Educational Process’. The Church Council saw video-reports from inter-disciplinary examinations held in theological seminaries in St. Petersburg, Ryazan and Vologda as examples of distance control over graduation examinations and defenses of graduation papers. An Education Committee member, being in chart, has an opportunity, if needs be, to ask questions in the capacity of the examination commission member who takes part in evaluating the level of graduate’s knowledge and papers.

The membership of the Supreme Church Council is as follows:

The following clergy were invited for the session: Bishop Savva of Voskresensk, first deputy chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate; Bishop Mitrofan of Severomorsk and Umba; Bishop Nikolay of Balashikha, editor-in-chief, Moscow Patriarchate Publishers; Archpriest Maxim Kozlov, first deputy head of the Education Committee of the Russian Orthodox Church; Archimandrite Sacca (Tutunov), deputy chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate; Sister Xenia (Chernega), head of the Moscow Patriarchate legal service; Archpriest Mikhail Vakhrushev, deputy head of the Education Committee; Rev. Alexander Volkov, head of the Patriarchal Press Service; Rev. Alexander Starodubtsev, expert in distance education technologies; A.V. Shchipkov, deputy head of the synodal department for the Church’s relations with society and mass media.

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