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Bishop Nestor of Chersonese celebrates Divine Liturgy in Porto, Portugal

On June 24, 2012, Bishop Nestor of Chersonese made his first archpastoral visit to Porto, the northern capital of Portugal.

During the Divine Liturgy he celebrated at the Parish of Russia’s New Martyrs and Confessors, Bishop Nestor was assisted by the rector of the community, Archpriest Vitaly Dudash, and Deacon George Sheshko.

Present at the service were Rev. Domingos Oleveira, head of the department for inter-Christian relations of the Catholic diocese of Porto, and Mr. Amerigo Ribero, director of the Social Service Foundation in Porto, the website of the Diocese of Chersonese reported.

After the Reading of the Gospel, Bishop Nestor addressed the numerous parishioners and guests of the community with a pastoral homily.

After the prayer before the dismissal, he presented hierarchal commendation diplomas to parishioners active in the community life.

The liturgy on June 24, was the first hierarchal service to be celebrated in the new church building transferred to the Russian Orthodox community in Porto by the local Catholic diocese in April 2012. For several months now, the Parish of Russia’s New Martyrs and Confessors have celebrated in the church of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, in the center of Portugal’s northern capital. Thanks to this fact, the community has considerably grown.

After the service, there was a fraternal repast followed by the graduation act of the parish school.

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