Грузинская Патриархия опровергла информацию о признании «Киевского Патриархата» и разоблачила своих раскольников

The press-service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports that the chancellery of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev and All Ukraine received an official letter from the chancellery of the Patriarchate of Georgia concerning Georgian schismatics Bishop Christopher (Tsamalaidze) and Archpriest Vasily Kobakhidze who claim they are canonical clerics of Georgia in Ukraine. As is known their Ukrainian friend Mikhail Denisenko, pseudo-patriarch Filaret, welcomed the clergymen. He states that the fact of their common concelebrations witnesses to the recognition of the ‘Kievan Patriarchate’ by the Georgian Orthodox Church and His Holiness Patriarch Ilia II. This false information was spread by uniate and schismatic mass media and ‘channel 5’ – ‘the channel of true news’.

The Patriarchate of Georgia denied incongruous rumors. An official letter of the Patriarchate of Georgia of 23 January 2006 reads:

‘On January 21, the delegation for participation in the celebrations of the national Ukrainian holiday – the Day of Unity visited Kiev. The Georgian Orthodox Church entirely shares the joy of fraternal Ukrainian people and wishes it and its government further success.

The Georgian mass media reported that Bishop Christopher (Tsamalaidze) and Archpriest Vasily Kobakhidze also arrived in Kiev to participate in celebrations and act on behalf of the Georgian Orthodox Church. In this connection, the Patriarchate of Georgia states that in compliance with the decision of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Bishop Christopher (Tsamalaidze) and Archpriest Vasily Kobakhidze are unfrocked for gross and repeated violations. Their actions are unauthorized and non-canonical.

The Patriarchate of Georgia informs the Georgian community that the Georgian parish, opened in Kiev, belongs to the jurisdiction of the ‘Kievan Patriarchate’ that no one of the Autonomous Orthodox Church recognizes. It bears no relation to the Georgian Orthodox Church .As far as newly ordained ‘priest’ of this church Nikolai Inasaridze is concerned, the services conducted by him are also non-canonical’

Press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church