2008 May

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad arrives in Germany to take part in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Berlin
31.05.2008 19:32 · Архив 2005-2009, События

Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church first performed at the concert in the Portuguese Parliament
30.05.2008 16:58 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

The annual conference of the Diocese of Sourozh takes place
30.05.2008 12:12 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Patriarch Alexy receives Cardinal Walter Kasper
29.05.2008 16:43 · Архив 2005-2009, События

A Delegation of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America visits Russia
28.05.2008 20:33 · Архив 2005-2009, События

Spiritual and Educational Children’s Centers to be set up at the four church in Tolliatti
28.05.2008 11:11 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Clergy of the Simferopol diocese blessed the Simferopol-Nikolayevka speedway
28.05.2008 09:36 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Presidium of the Conference of European Churches meets in Brussels
21.05.2008 23:47 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Metropolitan Philaret of Minsk and Slutsk officiates at the feast of the main relic of Belarus
21.05.2008 14:00 · Архив 2005-2009, События

President Medvedev to give grants for national cultural revival
20.05.2008 17:00 · Архив 2005-2009, События

A hierarchical liturgy gesture-translated in Krasnoyarsk
20.05.2008 14:28 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

A prayer room to be opened in every higher education institution in Kemerovo by the Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture
20.05.2008 11:44 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Round-table conference in Luxemburg on cooperation between Russian and other ethnic diasporas in European Union
20.05.2008 10:00 · Архив 2005-2009, Новости с мест

Estonian church problem in light of negotiations between Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople on 26 March 2008 in Zurich – statement by Communication Service of Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations
16.05.2008 11:10 · Архив 2005-2009, Документы, Религиозная ситуация в Эстонии